The Mosh Pit


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What is ‘moshi moshi’?

1) Commonly used to answer the telephone in Japanese, similar to ‘hello’.

2) A cosy Japanese restaurant in Port Melbourne.

Moshi Moshi
79 Bay St, Port Melbourne

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MoVida Next Door

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Churros con chocolate

Churros con chocolate


Tubbymistress is getting hungry. She gazes longingly at her computer screen, then outside at a slender tree swaying softly in the breeze.

TUBBYMISTRESS: Oh, I’d love to go to MoVida Next Door tonight.

MoVida Next Door
1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne

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To eat or not to eat? ‘Where?’ is the question.

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Hello, and welcome to Tubbymasu.

This is a food blog that aims to celebrate the restaurants and cafes of Melbourne. Eating out is one of the simple pleasures in life – and if you’re like me and need to exercise so as not to look like a beached whale, those edible morsels better be worth your while! Join me on my Friday night out, or my midweek snack, as I detail my foody conquests in print. If you like the sound of a place I’ve been to, why not check it out?

This web site should not be considered a definitive resource for food establishments in Melbourne. There are plenty of web sites out there for that purpose. My aim is to share an experience I’ve enjoyed, document the places I’ve been to (if only to identify how many kilometres I need to run each night), and make reading as pleasurable as eating. I hope you enjoy it.

Your Tubbymistress