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What is ‘moshi moshi’?

1) Commonly used to answer the telephone in Japanese, similar to ‘hello’.

2) A cosy Japanese restaurant in Port Melbourne.

Moshi Moshi
79 Bay St, Port Melbourne

Grab your friends and settle down on the couch, for dinner at Moshi Moshi is a good way to pass a Friday night. The gyoza is drool-worthy, while the edamame (baby soybeans) can bring on a nasty onset of Pringles syndrome – once you pop, you can’t stop. If you like a serve of grease, try the tempura or a seafood ‘lollipop’ (prawn, fish or scallop), which are crumbed, fried and pretty tasty. For a main, try the pork katsu curry, a crumbed fillet of pork served with a mild curry that’s large enough to split between two friends. Up for a challenge? The seafood platter is guaranteed to satisfy. The wine list is not amazing so, if you like it sweet, go for the plum wine.

TIP: With huge servings at reasonable prices, Moshi Moshi represents great value: a good option for midweek take-away. Check out their web site for more details.

Seafood tempura and edamame

Seafood tempura and edamame

Seafood platter for two (ambitious) people

Seafood platter for two (ambitious) people

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  1. missdeb says:

    Ohhhhh, I must have the seafood platter, mmmmmm! Tabemasu!

  2. Maybe we can devour it together sometime? That said, I have a feeling it might devour us, it’s so big!

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